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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park

Mountain West

Visit Yellowstone and Rocky Mountains. See Grand Tetons and Badlands.
Gateway city: Salt Lake City



Visit Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon. See the Arches and Bryce hoodoos.
Gateway city: Las Vegas



Visit Yosemite Valley and Crater Lake. See the giant Sequoias and Redwoods.
Gateway city: San Francisco


Four Corners

Visit Carlsbad Caverns and Mesa Verde. See the petrified logs and Black Canyon.
Gateway city: Albuquerque



In most of America, the average worker gets two weeks of vacation each year. Generally, one week is devoted to visiting family for the holidays. That leaves only five business days to plan a vacation each year. Here at 10 Day Loop, our mission is to help you make the most of those days.

Our trips follow a loop structure that allows you to utilize the two weekends around your days off of work to maximize your experience. Our loops focus on National Parks, National Monuments, and other natural wonders of this country.

Trip Structure:

Each trip revolves around a "gateway city" where the loop begins and ends. Most destinations in between require one night lodging with a "featured" destination requiring two nights.

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